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Dot mom?

There’s some excitement in the world of domain names. There will be more than 1000 new domain extensions added to the internet soon. New suffixes should begin appearing at the end of January 2014. This is cool news for business, especially small business.

You are most likely familiar with current names like .com, ca, .net, .org. etc. The new names will spell a very big shift in the internet landscape as we know it today. It’s a big change you should be aware of in order to plan for your business.

Needless to say the .com world is getting a little crowded and it’s becoming difficult to find names to fit all businesses without being creative with the prefix. Consensus is building that the new names will be of great benefit to business to help them stand out.

Challenging the dominance of the current suffix names is shaking up the possibilities. Trademarks could be strengthened and services emphasized.

Land o’ Goshen! This is the biggest change the internet has seen in more than 20 years!


Here a few amusing suffixes (but there are plenty of great descriptive ones to choose from…)   .wang   .pizza  .beer  .sucks  .luxury  .gripe  .eat  .mom  (wow, really?)

So now you know. If a descriptive suffix becomes available that better promotes your business or organization, it might be worth purchasing it. Remember you can keep your current domain and add new ones with redirects to your website.

Stay tuned…

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