‘Twas a fine year, and other recollections


The Studio-N team completed a lot of websites and exciting design work this year.

Next year we turn 14!

Trent University turned 50 and we were excited to help decorate the town with new banners and posters based on the new Trent U brand. It was a tremendous honour to be involved in Trent’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations. We also developed several of their Course Brochures and Communications Marketing pieces which we always enjoy doing, samples can be found on our website portfolio.

We overhauled the Peterborough Moves website for the Shifting Gears event in May 2014. It was another great event this year, we saw people traveling to work all over the city – propelled by their own power… and we loved that the new site was looking great on mobile devices. We also launched websites for United Way Peterborough, Premiere Studio of Dance, Chemong Family Dental, Harbourtown, Walton Wood Farm, JBL Biologix and Eric Mickee.com just to name a few. All are responsive, user friendly websites and built to last.

We also created some very cool  label design work in 2014. A few stood out for us this year from a couple of entrepreneurial artisan farms in our area… Cross Wind Farm and Walton Wood Farm, both from Otonabee South Monaghan Township south of Peterborough.  We love the quality of Crosswind Farm products and we pumped out more goat soap labels, new goat cheese labels, and goat body butter packaging soon to be introduced in 2015.
For Walton Wood Farm we designed some super-sassy labels for their cheeky Bath Events (bath salts) and Men’s Solid Cologne. These labels are outrageous! Walton Wood Farm hit the ground running in 2014 with 107 Canadian retailers and 10 US retailers already on board to carry their products, and growing! Plus the fabulous responsive website we launched in December: check out waltonwoodfarm.com
(Have you noticed that Otonabee South Monaghan Township is becoming quite the hot bed for entrepreneurs??)

To celebrate our explosion of label design this year we decided to design our very own wine label at the end of 2014. The final product was just what we were looking for: fresh, vibrant, fun.
And the labels look great too. We’re looking forward to much more packaging design work, in fact both the farms mentioned above are already developing new product lines for 2015! (our jobs are so awesome!!!) It is worth noting each of our designers has a wealth of experience designing labels and packaging, so we’re pretty pumped to see what new products will be coming through our doors in 2015 that need creative labeling.


Studio-N Wine Label


We have a ton of great ideas we want to apply 2015. Not least of which is our ever evolving know-how to build awesome websites. Inspired by Christine’s visit to San Francisco in November to attend “An Event Apart” Web Design Conference for web developers, we are continuing to fine-tune our web building methods and strategies to make our websites better than ever.

We want to continue to make websites that deliver clear messages, optimize the user experience and create business opportunities for our clients – so we’ve set some goals for ourselves in 2015:

  • Continue making great design (“You have to motivate yourself with challenges. That’s how you know you’re still alive” ~ Jerry Seinfeld)
  • Provide excellent customer support and educate our clients so they see the depth of our committment and expertise (“superluminal! ~ Homer Simpson  -adj. one of three methods of communication (along with liminal and subliminal) that is akin to direct persuasion”)
  • Continue to deliver superb quality in everything we do (“Aren’t we all striving to be overpaid for what we do?” ~ Will Ferrell)
  • Tell everyone about our ongoing website support, content development and SEO, social media strategy & consulting and website statistical data analysis (“The Internet? Is that thing still around?” ~ Homer Simpson)
  • Remember to ‘ALWAYS’ enjoy our work (“if you do something every day, might as well love it” ~ Studio-N)
  • Continue to grow as a team (“Remember when you tried to learn how to swim from the Internet?” ~ The Big Bang Theory)

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”  ~ Arthur C. Clarke

Bring on 2015, and lets make some magic!

Our knowledge will reassure you, our enthusiasm will inspire you, and the results will convince you.
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