Pay attention to the elephant


Let’s think of content as the elephant in the room. It’s not uncommon to avoid it and some people are very good at it. Avoiding it I mean. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just design and program a website, launch it and watch it dazzle the world with it’s beauty and functionality. It sure would, but unfortunately that’s not realistic. Everyone seems to forget how important content is. It’s everything. In fact without great website content you might as well not have a website.

Consistently we have been trying to inform our clients about how important content really is. What is content anyway? Quite simply it is all of the words and photos that populate your site. It’s also videos, events, blog posts, statistics, forms, charts, product information and much more. We’re talking about clear, high quality and useful information that informs your customers about you. Have you ever heard the expression ‘content is king’? After designing many websites we understand it really is.

If your potential clients are like me, they make decisions quickly when browsing websites and move on if the website lacks relevant information. So here’s the thing, everyone is busy, we get it, but if you want the coolest website in town you have to get passionate about it. Dedication to developing real content for your website will pay you back with better Google organic traffic and longer page views which translates into sales. Design aside, the most successful websites we’ve built have their content updated frequently, and that’s worth taking note of!

We will guide you to use best practices to build content and help to keep you motivated while you’re developing ideas related to your business and populating your site. We also provide professional writing and photography services to add sparkle to your website. It’s also worth considering that good quality information on your website will promote engagement via sharing. People will pass things on to their friends if they’re worth sharing.

We can help you simplify the content challenge and open the door to possibilities for your website. Turn the elephant in the room into an opportunity to create amazing content. We can certainly guide you through the process.

pay attention to Content

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