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Unique Identity & Logo Design Services in Peterborough

Our identity and logo design process begins with consultations about the idea and messaging of your soon-to-be-developed brand. We identify your message, target audience and unique selling features, all with the intent of determining the direction we’ll take the design. It’s like chipping away at a stone to discover the sculpture beneath. Logo design, brand development and brand standards are all parts of this process.


Logo Design

The presence and importance of a professionally designed logo are obvious to us but not to all. A well designed logo can elevate your brand and stand the test of time. A complete logo design can include elements like an icon or name or both. We love the process of developing a logo that captures the unique requirements of the each client.

Example of Logo Refresh

Building on an existing logo

Some brand development projects build on an existing logo. We like to refer to this as a “brand refresh.” There are many companies and organizations who have built recognition, credibility and trust with their existing logos, but also want to update their look from time to time. A brand refresh maintains some of the endearing qualities of an existing logo design, but also modernizes it. We’ve created several brand refreshes and we have the know-how to help you with a brand refresh.


Finalizing design ideas

Your logo and brand are finally taking shape. We share our thoughts with you about draft ideas and encourage feedback from you. As we draw closer to completion we talk about how the brand will roll out. In some cases we develop a brand standards manual to guide and support correct use of the logo.


An identity takes shape

We create logo designs that speak to business needs. Once a new brand takes shape it is reviewed for composition, readability and appeal. A well designed logo can propel a business or organization in obvious and subtle ways and support growth over time.

We have developed many logos and brands which have helped startups grow into thriving organizations and we've supported well established business as they reinvent themselves.


Our knowledge will reassure you, our enthusiasm will inspire you, and the results will convince you.
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