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Inspired Graphic & Print Design Services in Peterborough

We’ve got oodles of experience creating professional print design – typography, layout, package design, illustration, photo editing, composition, multipage document production, colour management and prep for printing. Our experience shows. We are thorough, accurate and always looking for a unique way to elevate print design and make it special.


Our space even inspires us!

A lot of creativity comes out of our meeting room, from ourselves and our very unique clients.

When you hire us to create graphic design for you, we’ll meet with you and manage your project from start to finish. And since we have great relationships with our wholesale suppliers too, it means we can offer very competitive prices to our clients!


You’ll love our creativity and dedication.

Anything that requires planning, design, printing and installation – we can do it. There are no limits to our ideas. We love print design, and creating professional, kick-ass products is our goal. We’ve been supplying print design services to the Peterborough community since 2001, and we guarantee we’ll be with you throughout the process, every step of the way.


Annual Reports

Annual reports are important for sharing a company or organization’s actions and financial results. We introduce creative flare to even the most serious documents by making the message clear, attractive and professional.


Trade Show Displays

We have plenty of practice designing trade show displays – pop-up and panel displays, large booths, banner stands, and all the accompanying promotional materials. The possibilities are endless and we can present you with plenty of display options. We know how to make a display turn heads by using the best imagery possible and messaging that’s bold and creative.



Selling products requires attractive, balanced package design. We have a lot of experience with package and label design for food, personal products and more. Our package designs make products more attractive to distributors and consumers so your product will fly of the shelf.

Vehicle Wraps

Wow, what a blank canvas! We design amazing vehicle wraps, and our installation partners are local and reputable. We take brand and target audience into consideration so your new vehicle wrap has impact! We make sure to price out the appropriate and most cost effective materials for your wrap project.

Brochures and more

Brochures, Rack Cards, Maps & More

Brochures are the Volkswagens of printed promotional materials – attainable by most businesses, and workhorses when it comes to reach and return on investment. We’re brimming with print ideas and we can design your brochures to be attractive and highly effective.

Working on design

Graphic Design Professionals

We love our jobs and we take our commitment to you, our clients very seriously. Not only do we design professional graphic work that is technically sound and double checked, we also handle printing, photography, writing and video. Our team works seamlessly with suppliers and we do our best to keep our prices as competitive as possible.

Our knowledge will reassure you, our enthusiasm will inspire you, and the results will convince you.
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