Staff Picks

  • New Monopoly Pieces

    After replacing the iron with a cat in 2013 after an internet vote, Hasbro has announced a new vote to potentially replace all eight game tokens with a pool of over 50 new ones to choose from. Check out the designs here. I call dibs on the T-Rex!

  • Starwars Rouge 1 Snowflakes

    Need to decorate your home or office in preparation for the upcoming Starwars movie Rouge One? Make the job easy with these downloadable snowflake paper cut-out and window cling designs by Anthony Herrera.

  • Bird House Interiors

    We thought this was creative and wanted to share it . Illustrator and bird-lover Jada Fitch decorates amazing little house interiors for her tiny bird friends.

  • Mystical Landscapes: Masterpieces from Monet, Van Gogh and more

    We're going to find the time to visit the AGO in a few weeks to see the Mystical Landscapes exhibition. 36 artists from 15 countries, including Emily Carr, Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh, Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian, Claude Monet, Edvard Munch, Georgia O'Keeffe and James McNeill Whistler + more.

  • 2016 Beard Design Competition Photos

    40 of the best beard photos you will ever see this year.

  • Van Gogh's

    Check out this worthwhile video of artist Garip Ay recreating Van Gogh's 'A Starry Night' by swirling and dripping paint in top a bowl of black water.

  • Designer's Block

    If you've ever hit a road block in your design process. Go visit and just tap spacebar for tips on how to get past that block.

  • 100 Days of Lettering

    Tiantian Xu, UX Designer + Doodler - Recently finished a personal creative project called “100 Days of Lettering”. Each day, she drew a letter or a word and published it on Instagram. Have a look at all 100 doodles, pretty fun stuff.  

  • Happy Easter

    Spotted these faux Pantone Easter a few years ago on the How About Orange blog. Thought I would share share them again because Easter is just around the corner.

  • Dandelion Paperweight

    These Dandelion paperweights are all over the internet today, so here is a video of how to make your own.  Now you can keep all your designs and doodles safe and secure under a fancy paperweight.

  • Crocheted X-Wing Fighter Blankets

    Our client Michelle of MJ's Off The Hook Designs was featured on the Geekologie website this week. They posted her newest pattern, a crocheted X-wing fighter blanket that you can actually put your legs into the body of the X-wing, and keep your hands warm in the engine pockets. Pretty clever!

  • LA 2024 unveils logo for Olympic bid

    The private bid committee that hopes to bring the 2024 Summer Olympics to Los Angeles has taken the next step in its branding campaign. LA 2024 unveiled a new logo, slogan and website.

  • Design conferences and events to plan for in 2016

    A great list Quartz posted about upcoming design conferences to look forward to in 2016. Thought we would share it with you too.

  • Christmas Tree Alternatives

    From the simple to the sublime, there are so many different ways to decorate for the holidays that don’t involve chopping down live pine trees or putting up plastic ones. These non-tree, DIY-“tree” ideas will get you in the festive mood without any fir-tree related fuss.

  • 2016 Pantone Colour of the Year

    Get ready to be surrounded by a kaleidoscope of pastel hues. Pantone, the world’s authority on color, has declared not one, but two “Colors of the Year” for 2016: A soft pink called Rose Quartz (Pantone 13-1520) and a muted blue called Serenity (Pantone 15-3919).

  • Ultra Realistic Snake Drawing

    Check out artist Stefan Pabst, his 3D optical illusion drawings are so real they will boggle your mind. This ultra realistic Snake would have tricked us.

  • Cardboard Car Upgrades

    Max Siedenttopf an Amsterdam artist takes to the city’s vacant streets at night armed with two humble materials: cardboard and tape.  For the project ‘Slapdash Supercars’, Siedentopf  finds ordinary cars belonging to completely unknown, sleeping strangers and decks them out with paper body fenders, hood scoops and spoilers.

  • Card or Not? LCBO Guessing Game.

    See if you can tell who is 19+ without checking their ID. A fun way to waste two minutes of your day.

  • Giant Straw Dinosaurs

    Niigata Prefecture, Japan, has thought of a novel way to use the straw left over from their rice harvest. They started hosting a rice-straw festival where local artists build elaborate straw sculptures over wooden frames. Amy Goda, an aspiring artist from Japan, has gained fame for her spectacular rice-straw dinosaur sculptures. Click image to see more dinos.

  • Drone Flying Through Fireworks Display

    A whole new way to view the fireworks. Watch as this drone holding a GoPro makes its way through a firework display.

  • Live Walrus Cam

    Want to make yourself feel better about being lazy and sluggish in the 30 degree heat today? Just watch this live Walrus Cam. *Spoiler Alert - It's just a bunch of Walruses piled on top of each other being lazy and sluggish.

  • ANA Airways R2-D2 Aircraft

    Beginning this fall, passengers flying the Japanese ANA airways can jet to their destination star wars-style, aboard the new R2-D2 dreamliner aircraft. The design marks the first time that a character from the space franchise will appear on the exterior of a commercial plane, to take passengers to a galaxy far far away.

  • cat-cordion

    Desktop website of the week goes to (drum rolllllllllllllll) cat-cordion. It's endless fun re-sizing your browser window to hear meowing cat sounds. Sorry catcordion doesn't work on mobile.

  • Adopt a Cat

    A great gag infomercial for the Animal Foundation animal shelter in Las Vegas. Exciting new multi-purpose product for your home—"Pet Cat".  So hurry up and adopt don't miss out on this amazing opportunity. Litter box and Nature's Miracle not included.

  • Airport Codes Explained

    YYZ is a great rock song by RUSH named after the Toronto code, but have you ever wondered what YYZ means? is a website built by Lynn Fisher and Nick Crohn that explains the three-letter International Air Transport Association codes assigned to airports around the world and gives the stories behind them.

  • Delicious Lego

    Is it lunch yet? Online news site Mashable has compiled a series of LEGO food creations that look delicious. There are some pretty clever designs, check them out for yourself.

  • Balloon Table

    So you're in the market for new table? Well, Christopher Duffy's balloon coffee table design gives the impression its glass surface floats mid-air. It's an ideal spot to place your popcorn when watching the movie "UP" with your family. Nothing like buttery kid fingerprints all over your new glass coffee table.

  • 'Spocking' Canadian $5 Bills

    We love it when art shows up in unusual places, so this made us smile. Following Leonard Nimoy's death last week, many people were inspired people to post photos of marked-up $5 banknotes on social media to make our seventh Canadian prime minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier look more like Spock.  

  • Car Atlas-Rainbow

    Hopefully this will brighten your day. Toy Atlas Rainbow is a wonderful installation of 2,500 old toy cars by UK artist David T. Waller. We saw this a while back and didn't share it here, but today it's making another cycle around the internet.

  • Lego slippers

    Great office slippers. They're $12.50 a pair from Thinkgeek: one size, red or blue, 3X2 bricks, and have thick enough soles to cushion even the most violent Lego/bare-foot impact. (via Geeky Merch)

  • Glass sculptures of dancers for NYC Ballet

    HOLY DETAIL BATMAN! Artist Dustin Yellin infills lincoln center with glass sculptures for the NYC ballet. The human silhouettes made from hundreds of individual mixed-media are suspended in a crystal-clear mass. The figures’ bodies have been painstakingly painted and put together to closely mimic the natural moves of dancers from the ballet, tying together the two artistic practices.

  • Street art stencils with a Social Media Twist

    Armed with ink and imagination, a Vancouver street artist has stenciled a series of street art compositions in and around his urban surroundings. Each image shares a relationship to social media and its connection to a generation of children.

  • Super Mega Cat Fun House

    This was a story from last year making its way around the internet again, as cat lovers we had to share. These are shots of the Goleta, California home of a man who spent $35,000 renovating the house to better suit his 18 cats. Take a peek... Custom tunnels, walkways, ledges and even a spiral step complete with a climbing pole.

  • An Internet Minute 2013 vs. 2014

    This is an infographic comparing an internet minute in 2013 versus one in 2014. The stats give you quick look into the Behemoth amount of useful useless posts, tweets, emails, searches, etc. that happen in a single minute. All it's missing is a comparison of cat videos watched this year versus last.

  • Lava pouring out of Icelandic volcano

    Don't step on the floor it's lava!!! Click through to see Aerial footage showing lava continuing to flow from Bowser's Castle Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano after it began to erupt in August last year.

  • Li Hongbo's Flexible Paper Sculptures

    It's more than meets the eye. Amazing paper sculpture work by Chinese artist LI HONGBO.

  • Exquisite Matchbox Art

    Ohh la la, beautiful vintage typography and illustrations. Here is a look at, U.K.-based web designer Jane McDevitt’s vintage Matchbox collection. We may even use these illustrated vintage matchboxes as inspiration for a design around the office today.

  • Brrrrrrrr It's Cold Out!

    Feels like -25 C today. That is all.

  • NASA Space Travel Posters

    To get people excited about space travel again, NASA has designed a small series of travel posters, advertising earth like planets that have a potential for liquid water on their surfaces. Sign us up!

  • Polaroid Pocket Sized Printer

    Polaroid, is bringing its instant printing to today’s mobile generation, with the launch of the Polaroid Zip mobile printer in Spring 2015. The Polaroid Zip mobile printer pairs wirelessly to any smartphone or tablet and will allow users to instantly print 2x3 inch color photos from any image on their Apple or android device.

  • Happy Holidays

    The entire team at Studio-N would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.

  • Planets of The Solar System Glassware

    A great holiday gift idea - Planets of The Solar System Glassware set. Now you can serve your holiday guests eggnog from Uranus... the Sun or any of the other planets.

  • Have you ever been called Chinchilla chin?

    Have you ever been called Chinchilla chin? Here is a great ad series created by Y&R New Zealand. They cleverly turned manly beards into cute animals for Schick's "Free Your Skin" campaign. Have a look, but don't get inspired to shave it all off just yet, it is Movember after all.

  • Pumpkins Grown In Frankenstein's Face Molds

    By simply altering the shape a pumpkin grows, Tony Dighera of Cinagro Farms in California, was able to sell his Frankenstein pumpkins for $75 a piece. Just shows how thinking outside the box, or in this case "inside the mold", paid off.

  • Scare Chair

    A perfect addition to any Halloween party. This Coppelius Chair designed by Yaara Dekel plays Jekyll and Hyde. At first glance it's a well known and likeable piece of furniture, but in the right lighting it transforms to cast the shadow of an evil face.

  • Canadian Comic Stamps Get Political Twist

    Signals Design Group, a Vancouver based creative services firm, designed a series of stamps for Canada Post honouring Great Canadian Comedians. You can see what happens when the fine people of the internet get their hands on it. They replaced the comedians with Canada's OTHER famous comedians.

  • 404 Error License Plate

    We spotted this nifty 404 error license plate in parking lot on Lansdowne Street. Great to see website lingo being used in unusual places. Keep on coding!

  • Monty Python's Silly Walk comes to Ottawa's Sparks Street

    Sparks Street in Ottawa is getting very silly. New signs have been installed at pedestrian-crossings downtown that will be immediately recognizable to any fan of Monty Python, and pedestrians are encouraged to be as silly as they can be.

  • yo-yo check this out!

    Pfffft... did he even walk the dog? No wizardry here folks, just some crazy yo-yo skills that you have to see to believe.

  • Bacon-Powered Motorcycle

    Hormel Foods has built the world's first bike completely powered by bacon grease biodiesel. Mmmmmmmmm Bacon.

  • 3-D Printed Space Invaders Toilet Paper Holder

    3-D Printed Space Invaders Toilet Paper Holder #want

  • Shark Facts

    In case you didn't know it's Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. A time to appreciate all the awesome sharks in our oceans. Here are a few shark facts we bet you didn't know.

  • World Cup Poster Designs

    It has become a tradition for each World Cup host country to create a unique poster. Here is a look into every official work of art from the first ever in 1930, to this year's design.

  • Time-Lapse of Things Being Sanded

    Watch this time lapse video created by Laurin Döpfner by sanding down different objects 0.5mm at a time, and taking a picture after each pass with the sander.

  • Tiny Hedgehog Has Birthday Party

    Feel good video of the day - Just a hedgehog and a couple hamsters eating birthday cake. Enjoy!

  • Wooden Watch

    At first glance, the design of this this USB rechargeable watch from TokyoFlash will have people wondering why your watch has no hands. Press the button and all will be revealed. LEDs concealed beneath the wood surface will shine through to display the time. Visit to see this watch and lots of other futuristic looking time pieces.

  • Coolest Signatures Ranked

    Take a look at the 17 coolest famous signatures. This list will make you think twice about how fancy you sign your next cheque.

  • Leaf Art

    Artist, Roy Mallari, arranges leaves and natural objects to recreate popular logos, movie characters and other artworks. Click above to check out his work.

  • Coca-Cola Life

    Coca-Cola has released a new product called Coke Life. Besides having fewer calories, its also missing something else... the iconic red can. Will Coca-Cola's marketing strategy behind the healthier looking green can be well received? We will have to wait and see.

  • Steam Boat

    This ultra cool pot lid from Fred & Friends makes us want to steam some veggies. Since we don't own one (yet), we will have to settle for making some steamy designs in the meantime.

  • Pop Culture Vehicle Illustrations

    Check out these really cool vehicle illustrations by artist Ido Yehimovitz.  He has decided to draw them for a new ongoing series as a tribute to his favourite pop culture vehicles.

  •  Two Brothers Re-Create Their Childhood Photos

    An oldie, but a goodie. Two brothers hilariously re-create their childhood photos as a gift for their mother.

  • Bouncing Cats

    Sometimes after a long weekend you just need to bounce some cats to get back into the swing of things.

  • Look Up

    An eye opening video to remind everyone to put away your social media, get outside and enjoy the weekend with your real friends.

  • Comic Neue

    Last week the most hated font in the world, Comic Sans, got a much needed overhaul. Low and behold, (drum roll)... Comic Neue! The redesigned font created by Australian digital designer, Craig Rozynski, and is available in two variants: Comic Neue and Comic Neue Angular.

  • Poopourri

    Poopourri. This video was just too good not to share.

  • Engineer Turned Artist Drops Paint Into Fish Tanks

    We were "wowed" by the art of former thermal engineer, Kim Keever. His abstract imagery reminds us of a thrilling science experiment. Keever drops industrial paint tints into 200-gallon fish tanks, and photographs the swirling, ballooning colors as they mix and disperse through the water.

  • Uncomfortable - Re-designed everyday objects

    A project titled "Uncomfortable" by KKStudio. A funny twist on everyday objects re-designed to be annoying to use.

  • Innovative Stairs Double as Workspace

    There’s no wasted space in Mieke Meijer’s innovative new design, Object Élevé. Combining a desk, storage, and shelving, this incredible installation is not only a work-space, but a way to move from one floor to another. Now this is motivation for our team to try and double the Studio-N office space into a tropical beach.

  • Pantone introduces new shades to its popular

    PANTONE, has just introduced 84 new colors to its popular PANTONE PLUS SERIES guides. The addition of these shades - which include a broader range of pinks, blushes, blues, greens and violets - has brought the total number of colors in the series to 1,755. The new colors will also be available in coated and uncoated format.

  • Sony shows off its waterproof Walkman by packaging it in a water bottle.

    In releasing their new underwater, swimmer-friendly MP3 players, Sony has come up with The Bottled Waterproof Walkman. Showing the waterproof function of the walkman, Sony has packaged its sets immersed in a bottle of water – creating a one of a kind marketing and consumer experience. "The Bottled Walkman" can even be purchased from vending machines in places like gyms, right beside your favourite sports drinks.

  • Sochi Pucks headed to Hall of Fame

    We were admiring how great the puck designs were at the 2014 Sochi Olympics and just heard that the pucks used from the gold- and bronze-medal games will be headed to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. What a great way to end the 2014 games with a Gold medal win for our Canadian Hockey team.

  • How some of the coolest helmets in the Olympics get made.

    Globe and Mail takes a look at how some of the coolest helmets in the Olympics get made.

  • Sochi's downhill ski course to scale

    Here is Sochi's downhill course to scale (yes, that's the CN Tower way down there). Illustration by Trish McAlaster/The Globe and Mail.

  • Map of Zombies

    Everything you have ever wanted to know about zombie classification. This map of Zombies by Jason Thompson covers pretty much every zombie variation possible, and points to what movie, show, book or video game they come from.

  • More than 300 sharks are now on Twitter

    You can now add sharks in Australia to growing list of ‘tweeters’ you will see on your Twitter feed in 2014. The government has tagged over 300 sharks with acoustic transmitters to track where the animals are, in order to help reduce the number of fatal shark attacks. The sharks will ‘tweet’ when they approach within a half-mile of the beach. The transmitters send out information to the Surf Life Saving Western Australia Twitter Feed. Sounds great, except who checks their Twitter when they are swimming?  

  • Let it Snow

    Now that the snow has finally arrived we thought it would be good time to share these cool snowflake close-up shots. Taken by Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov with an inexpensive DIY camera rig.

  • Mother Nature's Typography

    This is an alphabet and number set created by photographer Kjell Sandved over the past 24-years, using nothing but patterns found on her photographs of moth and butterfly wings. We want to know when it will be for sale on

  • Woooo Hoooooo!

    We just heard the world's tallest waterslide is being built at Schlitterbahn park in Kansas City. When opened (Summer 2014), the Meg-a-Blaster will drop thrill-seekers 140-feet, reaching speeds over 62MPH. We are thinking a future "Tweet Up" may need to happen in Kansas City. See you in the deep end.

  • Are you a domino pro?

    If you find yourself with nothing to do this weekend, why not try building (and knocking down) a few of these domino tricks made by Hevesh5 and Millionendollarbo.

  • The Most Popular Superheros and Villians on Social Media

    We all have a favourite superhero and villian, but who would win if they squared off in the social media arena? Check out this inforgraphic to see who's on top.

  • World's Largest Ball Pit with One Million Balls

    We could spend all day "Scrooge McDucking" around in this pool. Kerry Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai broke a Guinness World Record for the Largest Ball Pit. The Ball Pit was made to help raise awareness of breast cancer prevention. Who wants to go for a dip?  

  • Life Size Dinosaurs Created From Carved Pumpkins

    This is a pretty awesome Triceratops made from individually hand-carved, illuminated jack o’ lanterns. It's part of the "The Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze" display in New York. Happy Halloween!

  • Braun releases Superhero Beard and Mustache ad campaign.

    Just in time for Halloween and Movember, Braun releases Superhero Beard and Mustache ad campaign. Check them out.

  • Baby LED light suit

    If you don't have a Halloween costume yet, here's an idea....

  • Brick Your Pumpkin

    What have you done with your pumpkin this year? Get creative and use LEGO bricks to build or accessorize your Halloween pumpkin.

  • Miley Cyrus Expected To Be Most Popular 2013 Costume

    Can't decide what to be for Halloween? Check out this great infographic by Spirit Halloween and see what costumes have been popular in past years. Also, in honour of the "Twerking" costume being 2013's most popular, we have re-named our office backup Miley Cyrus for the month of October.

  • Dance off that Turkey Dinner

    Just a little Tuesday beat to help you dance off that turkey dinner. Care of Mr. Oizo.

  • Flying eagle point of view

    It's not graphic or web design related, but you have to admit it's really cool.  A video of a GoPro camera attached to the back of a trained eagle while in flight.

  • 3D Projection Mapping on 2D Surfaces

    This is a video of projection mapping on two moving white boards that make them appear like 3D objects. It's a worthwhile watch and we hope it sparks your creativity.

  • Distance To Mars

    Ever wanted to travel to the planet Mars and back in the same day? Blast off to this website and try it out. Make sure you come back though there are a lot more goodies to see on the Studio-N site.

  • New RoboCop Trailer

    New RoboCop Trailer New RoboCop Trailer New RoboCop Trailer New RoboCop Trailer