Just back from “An Event Apart”, San Francisco. Definitely stimulated.

Sometimes something happens that makes you look at the world differently. I mean the way you approach your work, and everything you do, and have done to date. Simply put, it’s transformative.

The week of November 17, 2014 was an exciting one for us. After many weeks of anticipation, our resident web developer Christine, flew off to San Francisco to attend ‘An Event Apart’ – a conference for passionate practitioners of standards based web development. And for those “…hungry for what comes next”.


Wow. A dream come true for Christine, and all of us watching from the sidelines back home in Canada. And it changed everything for us. We’ve been reviewing the conference and the information that came back from it with new excitement and perspective.

So the convos, discussions, and teaching moments have begun. We’re eating up all of the passion and common sense Christine brought back. We’re making and taking time to keep the ideas fresh so we can implement them into our workflow.

Here are some of the concepts from the conference we will be implementing:

  • Make websites easy for users. We have always made this a priority but now it will be job-one. We will now consider useability at all stages of design.
  • Design for ‘users’ and how they interact with the web, not for ‘screens’.
  • Mobile considerations take priority over all else. Designing for mobile will trump desktop computers for importance with regards to information architecture. Designing mobile first forces us to make important decisions about content priority and functionality.
  • Always consider end user during content development. Planning is key. We’ve always planned our sites very carefully but now we will turn our workflow on it’s head and make the ‘user’ experience take precedence at strategic points in the workflow.
  • ‘Obvious’ always wins. Forethought to importance of information and functions. Prioritize!
  • Make forms user friendly and always consider the best input type for the job.
  • Pass our knowledge on to our clients so they can gain the insight we have, to give them the tools to work smarter for their users.

Our brains are being rewired as you read this, all for the benefit of our clients and making the internet a better place, one website at a time. We can’t wait to jump in with both feet. We already have!


Some sight seeing pictures below:








Why hire a professional graphic designer?

Lets talk graphic design, and creativity. Why are they worth spending money on?
Well, your customers judge your business by first impressions. A good impression is about the mental image you project directly to your customers brain. You have few chances to actually impress them so make good use of the opportunity!

Our creative team works hard to get to know all about you so we can help you to build your business and create materials that help you to sell yourself. These can include your logo / brand development, your website and print and display materials just to name a few. A successful company or start-up knows that capturing the interest of customers takes careful thought. Brand strength and continuity mean a lot to the bottom line.
Hire a Graphic Designer
We know that budgets are a reality, we get that, we’re in business too. But are you getting the most for your money?  Professional graphic design has staying power and nurtures the recognition factor. It works FOR you and frees you up do what YOU need to do to grow your business or organization.

Think of your designers as your ‘business support team’. In this busy complex world things change faster than ever. While you are working hard doing what you do, we work hard developing your brand, creating memorable advertising and creating solid, professional websites.

Try to remember a logo or website design that impressed you and stuck in your mind. Most likely there was plenty of planning and hard work to achieve it. Our clients see the value in having expertly crafted graphic design as well as a strong online identity.

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